Thursday, 24 February 2011

I'm here!

If anyone finds me here, welcome!

I've just started writing my single title contemporary romance again and I thought I might keep a public record of my progress. I've had good writing friends say they are going to kick my butt if I don't finish this story, so thought I'd come on here and pledge to do so.

My aim is to finish at least the rough draft of my semi-rural romance by the RWA Oz conference in August! Cannot WAIT for either!!

My story is ''semi'' rural in that it is set in a rural location, has a gorgeous farmer for a hero but isn't as focused on the rural farming aspect of many of the current popular Australian authors. My focus is more on small towns and the relationships that form and go sour within them.

So thanks for reading... I hope you'll continue to hear of my word count increasing and my story coming to life!